Fire and Water Restoration Grand Rapids

Anyone who has lived in Grand Rapids Michigan understands that unexpected and often, dangerous weather can happen anytime. In fact, 40 percent of the most expensive storms ever to make landfall on the United States have had some impact on the state of Michigan. This has resulted in millions in damages over the years for countless property owners. If your home or business has been impacted by unpredictable weather, or you owe it to yourself to invest in professional Grand Rapids restoration services. Ours staff has access to the proper tools and has the combined knowledge to get your property back to it’s original condition.

Expert Fire and Water Restoration Services

Whether you have sustained water damage or have recently had a home fire, our staff is here to help. We are experienced in a multitude of restoration services, and we can even provide relief for the long-term effects often experienced such as the development of harmful mold.

Here are some of the services we offer in Grand Rapids Michigan and the surrounding area:

  • Smoke damage restoration
  • Water removal
  • Water Damage Repair and Water Damage Restoration
  • Mold Removal and/or Mold Remediation
  • Advanced drying technology and services


Protecting Your Investments

Your home is likely one of your largest financial investments, and you need to preserve its integrity at all costs. However, when you attempt to take care of Grand Rapids fire and water restoration tasks on your own, you are putting your investment at risk. Unless you have a background in water restoration or fire restoration, and, the latest tools and technology, it is very unlikely you’ll be able to contain, and, fix the problem correctly and may end up with problems such as need mold removal.

Our Grand Rapids staff is here to help. We can assess the damage and help you plan out the fire or water restoration process one step at a time. We will also provide a free, in home quote so that you can understand all the costs involved in fire damage repair, water damage repair and/or mold remediation and removal. We understand this is a stressful time. We’re here to offer fire, smoke damage, water, and mold removal restoration services. Most Importantly, we’re licensed, insured, and available to service both business and home owners in the Grand Rapids area 24/7. Call us today at (616) 202-5350 to start getting your home or property back to its original condition!

Water Damage Grand Rapids

Many times homeowners don’t have any idea that there is water damage in their home until the problem becomes too large to ignore. Other times, it is quite obvious, like after a flood or an accident. Much like smoke damage, this type of problem can be costly to repair, and most of the time can not be fixed without replacing what has sustained the water damage. Homeowners may be covered for this, but not unless they have that specifically added to their insurance. Some think they are covered and they find out the hard way that they are not.

One of the most common causes of water damage is a leak in the home. Many times these are hidden. When water leaks out of a pipe behind the walls or even in the basement, the wood will warp and must be replaced. If drywall is soaked by hidden water damage, it will have to be replaced as well. If the water leak is missed for a long time, toxic mold may grow in the area, and that can be dangerous for those living in the house. If mold is found, a professional should be called in to remove the mold as soon as possible. The family may even be advised to stay somewhere else until mold remediation is complete.

Water damage from flooding is not always obvious. Though a large flood is noticed, and the damage is very apparent, there are times when problem go unnoticed. Some basements will leak water during times of heavy rain, and that water will sit on the basement floor and damage everything it touches. Some go into their basements all of the time, and they will see the water damage right away. However, people like me who really have no need to go down there might not see this coming. It can erode away or damage things like heaters and water heaters.

When water damage is found, a call to the insurance company should be one of the firs things a person does. However, a homeowner may find that they are not covered like they thought they were. When that happens, the cost of repairing water damage might rest solely on the shoulders of the homeowner. If you aren’t sure if you are covered for flooding and other water damage, call your insurance company to find out and add this coverage if you think this might be a problem with your home sometime in the future. Click here to learn more….

Fire Damage Clean-up and Smoke Odor Removal

You’ve had a fire.  The Grand Rapids fire department has come, put the fire out and all you see is one big mess. Upon closer investigation questions come.

I. What method do we use to remove the soot and charcoal to evaluate the fire, smoke and water damage?

– High pressure water blasting leaves behind water in electrical components, equipment and insulation, if not properly removed will cause unwanted corrosion and rot, increasing cleanup, damage and long term maintenance costs.

– Soda blasting leaves water and soda behind, which requires additional cleanup, increasing cleanup, damage and long term maintenance costs.

– Sand blasting leaves abrasive blast media behind, which if not cleaned up properly continues to cause damage in electrical components, gears and bearings.  It continues to fall from horizontal surfaces, cracks and beams years after the job is done, increasing cleanup, damage and long term
maintenance costs.

– Dry ice blasting is the ultimate surface cleaning process, it leaves no secondary waste stream behind.  The only cleanup after the dry ice blasting job is done is the removal of the debris caused by the fire.

II. How do we remove the soot, charcoal and smoke film from masonry and steel surfaces?

– Again this is an excellent application for dry ice blasting. Watch the movie clips on our web site  to see how dry ice blasting cleans soot, smoke and charcoal from different types of surfaces.

III. Will we be able to remove that awful smoke smell?

– The removing of the smell is accomplished by removing the smell source and/or sealing the smell source to encapsulate it. Dry ice blasting removes the soot, charcoal and smoke film, which is the smell source, from accessible areas.

– During a fire air currents carry smoke and soot into cracks, openings and areas not in close proximity to the fire itself, additional cleaning and/or sealing of these places and inaccessible areas may be needed.

IV. Can we accomplish our cleanup without adding hazards to our environment?

– Dry ice blasting is safe and environmentally friendly. Dry ice is pure CO2 in its solid state, it is in its gaseous state in the air around us. When we inhale our bodies use the oxygen and we exhale CO2. Green plants take CO2 from the air and give off oxygen.

– Dry ice blasting is non-toxic, non-conductive and there is no employee exposure to hazardous cleaning chemicals or solutions. Dry ice blasting meets the guidelines of the USDA, EPA, and the FDA. Click here to learn more……

Mold Removal

Black mold removal is something that you have to be careful with because black mold is toxic. You really do need to have good information about what black mold looks like and how it forms. It only takes a short period of time to do the required testing and inspection of your home to make sure that it is a safe place for your family. You should be particularly aware of any allergies that someone in your household has. This could be your first hint that you need to look at black mold removal.

Basements and bathrooms are the prime places for black mold testing and inspection in homes. This is because these are the places in the house most known for being damp and having a lot of moisture. Black mold can form on any surface – cement, tiles, or even the countertop if you don’t take special care to keep it clean and dry. There are testing kits for black mold that you can use yourself, so testing and inspection of your home is not a costly proposition. There are also excellent products on the market for black mold removal.

Once you do the black mold testing and inspection and find some places where there is black mold, before you start black mold removal, make sure the area is well-ventilated. If the black mold is concentrated in a small space, you can easily clean it with bleach and water, for difficult jobs you will need to use a commercial black mold removal product. You do have to make sure that you dry the area completely because any excess moisture will only be a new breeding ground for the black mold to return.

Testing for black mold firstly requires looking to see if there is any visible mold on the walls or floors of your basement. However, mold is not always visible because it can form in cracks and really small spaces. With black mold testing and inspection, you are really testing the air quality in your home because once mold spores are present they will be air-borne. Simple testing using a petrie dish containing a disc will let you know within two days if you have to consider black mold removal.

When you get ready to start black mold removal, wear a facemask and rubber gloves so that you don’t breathe in the black mold spores or let them touch your skin. This could cause serious respiratory problems. There are removal products on the market that kill the black mold. But make sure you always read the label and make sure that you follow all safety procedures for use of the product. Black mold removal is something that you may have to do several times to make sure you kill all the mold spores. Click here to learn more……

What Our Clients Are Saying

Grand Rapids Restoration Pros helped our family out when our basement flooded. ?Their team?was prompt and very professional. They?quickly cleaned up everything and restored our home back to original condition.

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